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Electrical Supply Material Specifications


 Specification no. 012(A)0114 of 11 kv, multicore XLPE cable

 Specification no. 023A0114 of 1.1 kv, multicore, Al, XLPE cable

 Specification no. 0230115 of 1.1 kv, 1C X 400 sq mm, Cu. XLPE cable

 Specification of 1 Core Aluminium Cable

 Specification of 1 Core Copper cable ( all sizes)


Digital Drawings HV & LV Cable Tiles

 Digital Drawings HV Cable Tiles

 Digital Drawings LV Cable Tiles

 Specification of HV and LV Cable Warning Covers


Specification of HVLV Jointing Kits

 11KV H. S. Jt. & Term. Kits. Spec. No.17A0114

 Specification 17C0116 11kv & 1.1kv Epoxy jt. & term kits

 Specification No. 17 (B1) 0115 for 1.1kV (H.S.)

 Tapex 17B0214

Jointing Drawings

 Jointing Drawings


Specification of Minor Item

 630 Afuse Base


 Cutout and neutral link

 Earthing Pipe Spec

 HRC Fuse

 Indoor Capacitor

 LV Pillar and Board

 Marine Pylwood

 MCB and MCCB spec

 Spec of Modifie MP and MP 90MP0117


Specification of Switchgear Section

 specification no 1570117 for EFPI

 Specification No. 1030114 for Prot. C.T.

 Specification No. 1340114 for RMU

 Specification No. 1390117-H for VCB Horizontal Isolation

 Specification No.1390114 for Vaccum circuit breaker Vertical Isolation


Specifications of Distribution Transformer

ANAN TR Specification no 01420214 and drawings of Dry type transformer

 Drawings of Dry type transformer

 Dry type tr tender no 31283

 Specification No. 01420214



ONAN TR Specification no.01410116 and drawings of ONAN type transformer

 Drawing of ONAN transformer

 Specification No. 01410116 of ONAN DT dtd 05.10.2016

Specification no. 0520109 of dwc pipe