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BEST We are dedicated to providing the top services to our consumers.


MMRDA and BEST have launched state of the art competitively priced buses coined as "MMR Connect".


Regulatory compliance is an organization's adherence to laws, regulations, guidelines relevant to processes.

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Electric Supply

We Provide Consistent & Reliable Electric Supply

We are committed to giving our consumers the best services availed from the comfort of their homes.

me mumbaikar

We are heart of the city that never sleeps

The Undertaking has a well-equipped Training Center for the traffic staff and designed program to re-educate them on such relevant topics as fuel conservation, safety measures, behaviour with the public etc.

Safest Mode of City Transport

Electric transport produces zero tailpipe emissions, contributing to cleaner air and healthier urban environments.

Wide Network of Electric Supply

The wide network of electric supply forms the intricate backbone that powers our modern world.

Organization Structure

Our Key Person

General Manager
Shri Bilal Shaikh
Asst.General Manager
Shri Sunil R. Jadhav
Chief Manager

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The Undertaking has also undertaken schemes to computerize the Consumers and Commercial departments of the Electric Supply Division and to decentralize most of the consumer/commercial services at all levels.


General frequently asked questions

The undertaking has been fully conscious of the alarming levels of pollution in cities. With modern and reliable technology, the Undertaking has been making constant efforts not only to keep pollution level under control, but minimise it.

From Our Lost Property Section, Wadala Depot, after paying necessary charges.

From Our Ticket & Cash Department Head Office (at Wadala Depot).

By entering into a contract with BEST and making necessary charges towards reservation, at Reservation Section, Wadala Depot.

By conducting a departmental enquiry against defaulting staff, in which case the complainant is called.