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Facilities Provided

BEST believes that it has a social obligation towards the city where it has grown. As such it is felt essential to provide concession to certain sections of society. A few schemes are listed below.

Free Travel Facility :

Presently, the BEST provides free travel facility to the freedom fighters. Municipal Councilors and Non-Councilor Members of the BEST Committee are also permitted to travel free on BEST buses. Members of Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council, Female Members accompanied by any one viz. husband, son, daughter, father, mother, brother or sister are allowed to travel free on BEST buses. Police personnel are allowed to travel free on BEST buses against an ad-hoc payment of compensation towards free travel facility by the Government of Maharashtra. "Divyang" persons and "Municipal School Students (For their To and Fro Journey to attend school)" who are possessing RFID based identity card issued by the undertaking are also allowed to travel free of charge, while traveling in the bus they are issued with "Zero" Value Tickets, This facility of free travel however is not available on Air-Conditioned bus services

Concessional Fare :

Children below 12 years of age are charged concessional fare. Students studying upto Higher Secondary and upto the age of 22 years are issued concessional fare bus passes. Persons who are 60 % and above, permanently Orthopaedically handicapped are charged concessional fare for attending medical institutions and rehabilitation courses. Blind persons are charged a flat fare of Re.1/- per journey. Concessional fare facility is not available on Air-Conditioned Services.

Reservation of Seats :

The BEST has reserved 3 seats for handicapped person,in SD / DD buses, and 2 seats each in Air Conditioned and Midi buses. 4 seats in SD buses, 2 seats in Air Condtioned, and 3 seats each in Midi and DD buses for Senior Citizens. 12 seats in SD buses, 10 seats in DD buses, 6 seats each in Air Conditioned, and Midi Buses for lady passengers, this includes 1 seat for lady travelling with an infant.

Front Door Entry :

The BEST have permitted physically and mentally handicapped persons, senior citizens, and expectant mothers to board the bus from the front door except at starting point.

Passenger Refund Claims :

In case the conductor does not have enough change to return the balance of the passenger, he writes on the back of the ticket the amount of balance due and authenticates the same. Such a ticket is treated as a receipt by the BEST. The passenger can claim the balance amount from Ticket & Cash Department, head office at Wadala after producing the ticket.

Disaster Management :

In the event of disruption of rail services the BEST operates additional buses in the areas of disruption. Timely actions are taken with the help of our field officials.

Lost Property :

The lost property section of the Transport Division is in existence prior to the municipalisation of the BEST Undertaking in the year 1947. Initially the Lost Property section was at Colaba Depot, Transport House and it was subsequently shifted to 2nd floor of Wadala Depot, Administrative Building with effect from 01/02/1980. As per Act 132(4) of Bombay Motor Vehicle Rules 1959 (New rule 122 of Maharshtra Motor Vehicles Rules 1989), the Lost Properties were required to be handed over to the Police Department, However the BEST Undertaking has been exempted from the provision of rule 132(4), and therefore all such articles are deposited in the Lost Property Section of the Undertaking vide notification issued by Home Department No MVR.1859/69814-XII date 07.10.1959. The working of the Lost Property Section is given below:

The articles found by the conductor or any other member of staff in the bus or in the premises of the Undertaking are handed over to the nearest Bus Terminus Starter, who sent it to the concerned Depot. These articles are then forwarded to the Lost Property Section. On receipt of such articles from Depots to Lost Property Section the same are entered in the register maintained for the purpose, after bifurcating them as per their category.

Whenever any claimant approaches immediately to the Bus terminus / Bus Chowkey where the article is deposited, then the articles are issued to the claimant by the officer on duty after due verification and taking necessary charges as per the administrative order..

The particulars of charges to be recovered as per Administrative Order Number 304 dated 06/02/2003 from claimant are as under

Registration Charges For Outside Parties For Employees
For Cash and Sundry Articles Rs.10/- Rs.5/-
For Valuable and Semi Valuable Articles Rs.50/- Rs.25/-

Storage charges are only applicable for cash deposited and collected only after 3 days from the date of lost.

Storage Charges For Outside Parties For Employees
For Cash DepositedUpto Rs.100/- Rs.3/- Per Day, Maximum Rs.10/- 50% concession
For Cash Deposited From Rs.101/- to Rs.500/- 12/% of the Cash and Maximum of Rs.60/- 50% concession
For Cash Deposited From Rs.501/- to Rs.2000/- 12/% of the Cash and Maximum of Rs.200/- 50% concession
For Cash Deposited From Rs.2001/- to Rs.5000/- 12/% of the Cash and Maximum of Rs.300/- 50% concession
For Cash Deposited above Rs.5001/- 12/% of the Cash and Maximum of Rs.750/- 50% concession

Whenever any claimant approaches Lost Property Section at Wadala Depot, the articles are issued only after confirming the Identity and genuineness of claimant on verification of residential proof such as ration card, passport, election voting identity card or driving license of the claimant. In case of higher amount or valuable ornaments, the claimant has to obtain No Objection Certificate from concerned police authorities. After verification and receiving necessary charges, articles are handed over to the claimant.

Traffic outdoor staff has been strictly prohibited from handing over any Lost Property articles directly to the claimant. However, the concerned Traffic Officers can issue such articles at the Depots after satisfying themselves as to the authenticity of the claimant and charging necessary charges as applicable.

The cash or valuable articles (Gold or Silver Ornaments) received in the Lost Property Section is kept in the section for one month, and there after deposited at the Undertaking Cash department for safe custody. In case of foreign currency deposited in the Lost Property section the same is deposited with our Cash Department at Dadar for further disposal.

Perishable articles such as vegetables, ready food etc is disposed off on the same day at the depots by auction in the presence of Traffic Officers. The other perishable articles such as sugar, tea powder, oil, and talcum powder etc are kept for 10 days in the Lost Property section and then disposed off, by auction in the presence of officers, and auditor. Medicines are kept for one month and then disposed off. Unclaimed lost property articles (Semi valuable, and sundry) are sent to Oshiwara Scrap yard after one month for further disposal by way of auction.

A letter of appreciation is issued to the member of staff who deposits lost property articles. If the value of the article deposited is Rs.2000/- or more then the concerned member of staff is recommended for cash reward / appreciation letter to be given on BEST Din.

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The Undertaking has a well-equipped Training Center for the traffic staff and designed program to re-educate them on such relevant topics as fuel conservation, safety measures, behaviour with the public etc.

Safest Mode of City Transport

Electric transport produces zero tailpipe emissions, contributing to cleaner air and healthier urban environments.

Wide Network of Electric Supply

The wide network of electric supply forms the intricate backbone that powers our modern world.