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MERC's Order On Schedule Of Charges

Revision in Service Connection Charges
MERC vide its order dated 16.02.2018 in case No.86 of 2017 in the matter of BEST's petition for revision in Service Connection Charges, has revised the charges as tabulated below:

Sr.No. Particulars Charges approved by Commission in this Order (Rs.)
L.T. Supply
1. Single Phase
a) For loads upto 5 KW 2000
b) Loads above 5kw and upto 10 KW 2000
2. Three Phase
a) Motive power upto 27 HP or other loads upto 20 KW 3000
b) Motive power above 27 HP but upto 67 HP or other loads above 20 KW but upto 50 KW. 6500
c) Motive power above 67 HP but upto 134 HP or other loads above 50 KW but upto 100 KW. 12000
d) Motive power above 134 HP but upto 201 HP or other loads above 100 KW but upto 150 KW. 12000