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New Projects

he demand for petroleum products in India has been increasing at a rate higher than the increase in domestic availability. At the same time there is continuous pressure on emission control through periodically tightened regulations particularly for metropolitan cities. In the wake of this situation there is an urgent need to promote use of alternative fuel as substitute for HSD. Among the options Compressed Natural Gas has received a great deal of attention and has been already applied successfully to some of the BEST buses (first time in India).

  1. CNG can be used in the existing SI/CI engines with minor modifications.
  2. Availability in abundance.
  3. CNG is a clear burning fuel, with no black smoke and very low particulate emissions. Thus CNG engine is environmental friendly.
  4. CNG being lighter than air, diffuses upwards.
  5. CNG is very safe fuel due to its very narrow flammability limits.
  6. Excellent knock resistant, lower compression ratio. Lower rates of pressure rise and low peak cylinder pressures.
  7. Low noise level of the engine. This will add to passenger comfort.


In an honest effort to attract the private vehicle owners to BEST buses and thereby reduce the congestion to some extent on Mumbai city roads, which affects the mobility of vehicles, BEST has introduced 71 Air-conditioned buses, including 20 newly introduced King Long make buses. The salient features of these buses are

  1. Luxury seats with soft transo fabric.
  2. Completely Air-conditioned passenger saloon (for A/C Buses)
  3. Carpeted flooring
  4. Jack-knife doors at entrance and exit
  5. Wide corridor for easy movement.
  6. Stanchion bars for safe movement in the corridor (for Luxury Buses)
  7. Thermocole stuffing between inner and outer panelling to reduce saloon temperature and dampen the vibrations.

In a move to aid commuter convenience, and to mitigate its cash handling pains, BEST, 'Mumbai's Lifeline' has adopted a new alternative method of paying for bus fares. From 2nd January 2007,. The multi-application card system is made available to the desired commuters. The RF-ID based card is issued to commuters on demand as a bus pass.


Bus Pass Scheme
The undertaking has started issuing the RFID based bus passes from December 2010 for the convenience of the commuters. These passes are being issued from 66 “Point of Sale” (PoS) located at the convenient locations. Passengers can also register for new card or renew the existing card over internet. As of to-date we have issued more than 21,00,000 personalized cards to the commuters. This card bears the digitally printed name, photograph, and unique card number of the passenger. The internal memory chip contains the information about the type of bus pass, duration, and date of expiry of the bus pass. This card is read by the ETIM’s carried by the conductor on the buses, to confirm the validity of the journey of the pass holder. The same card can be renewed for further duration as per the requirement of the passenger.


RF-ID based Identity Cards:
The internal memory chip of RF-ID based Identity Card contains the information about the passenger viz. Name, Card No etc. These Identity cards are configured to automatically generate daily bus pass of the respective passenger. This daily bus pass is printed with the name and unique card no of the passenger, as such it becomes non-transferable, and thereby arresting the revenue losses, besides getting about 4 lakh dedicated identity card holders. These identity cards are widely accepted by the passengers. Besides, the identity cards are printed with passenger’s photo identity.


Cashless Travel with RFID Cards:
Recently “Cashless Travel Card” scheme is introduced for the convenience of the passengers. This has facilitated the passengers to overcome the problem of loose coins or tendering exact change towards the fare. To avail this facility, commuter has to first opt (if not opted before) for the RFID based identity card issued by the Undertaking. These identity cards can be opted from any of our Bus Pass Sale Counter. On possession of the identity card, same can be toped up from the Bus Pass Sale Counters. Top Ups are in multiples of `100/-, subject to maximum of `10,000/-. `5/- bonus will be loaded on making payment for every `100/-. In short if a commuter pays `100/-, then on his card `105/- will be loaded. While travelling in our buses, commuter can use this card for purchasing tickets for desired destinations. Amount equivalent to the ticket amount will be deducted from the card instantly. The ticket generated is being printed with balance amount remained in the card, along with other journey information.


Renewal of Bus Passes:
The Bus Passes can be renewed at 64 Point of Sales (POS) or over the Internet by choosing the payment mode of Net Banking, Credit Card or Debit Card facility, thereby increasing the passenger convenience.

Both the systems, RF-ID bases Smart Cards and ETIM are connected at the backend to provide with cross functional reports for faster and precise decision making. The BEST’s business data generated by these systems is also recorded in tables related to the central database system, enabling it to get the desired reports in the required timeframe.


InterOperator Compatibility: This system is capable of performing the transactions through Smart Cards issued through Common Mobility Card Project, to various Mass Transport Operators.


Use of Electronic Ticket Issuing Machines (ETIM):
In the year 2011, the BEST Undertaking has introduced ETIM’s on all the buses for issuing tickets. It has replaced the conventional Ticket issuing mechanism with e-Tickets through Electronic Ticket Issuing Machine (ETIM)

The Mechanism

  1. Every Bus Conductor is carrying an ETIM for issuing tickets on-board.

  2. These ETIMs are also capable of Validating, and Renewing the RF-ID based pre-paid Smart Cards.

  3. RF-ID card based pre-paid Smart Cards are issued to the commuters through 64 web based Points of Sales equipped with 90 Counters.

Passenger Information System:
The BEST Undertaking is installing Passenger Information System in all the buses. Under this system the next bus stop name shall be announced in advance, so as to enable the passengers to get ready for alighting at the desired location.

Installation of Surveillance System:
The BEST Undertaking is installing Surveillance System in all the buses. This system includes Closed Circuit TV cameras at front and rear exit for recording the happenings. Also LCD Screens will be fitted inside the buses for broadcasting helpful information to the travelling public.



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Appeal to Consumers Precaution During monsoon
During monsoon in Mumbai, the incidents of electric shock and interruptions of supply generally tend to increase.

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