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Bus Transport Profile

Mumbai the capital of Maharashtra, worldwide known as the commercial capital of India , is a cluster of seven islands spread over a vast area of 430 sq.kms. It's western borders reaching upto Dahisar and Eastern borders upto Mulund.


Significantly contributing to the industrial development of India , this city has it's 'Arteries' in the form of Central and Western Railways. Not less importantly than that, BEST's Bus Service running across the vast area of Brihan Mumbai limits, can be very well called the blood vessels of this metropolis.

The common citizen of Mumbai is obviously not aware of many surprising features of the BEST's Bus Service. Just to state a few examples :

Bus Route No. 166 - plies on roads interconnecting maximum Hospitals.
Bus Route No. 9 - A network of large number of school and colleges is interwoven by this route.
Bus Route No. 320, 22ltd., 25ltd. - These routes have an outstanding feature of connecting two largest water reservoirs of the city.

This is the first step in our endeavour of revealing this information regarding our Bus Service through the Internet.


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Appeal to Consumers Precaution During monsoon
During monsoon in Mumbai, the incidents of electric shock and interruptions of supply generally tend to increase.

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